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Landscape Design

Learn about the design process and schedule your complimentary vision exploration session.

Over the last 11 years, Newport Ave’s Landscaping design & build process has been refined. We’ve taken best practices from fortune 500 construction companies and customized them for local use. Our process is as follows: 

Phase 1 – Initial Consultation (No Cost)

One of our project managers or landscape design consultants meets with you (on-site) to discuss your project. Expect this meeting to take between 30-90 minutes. The initial consult will cover:

  1. Your vision for the project
  2. Budget considerations
  3. Use space analysis
  4. The landscaping design and build process
  5. Warranty

Phase 2 – Design Document Created And Delivered (Designs start at $595)

Next, we’ll take your vision and translate it to paper. We’ll create a landscape design document that takes your vision, budget, and yard challenges and documents it to make sure that 1) we’ve thought through all the considerations AND 2) expectations are aligned. This process takes about 15 hours of work, thinking through plants and materials, drainage, design, use, and other factors. Additional work involves:

  1. Measuring your property
  2. Assessing the challenges of the landscape (testing the soil, analyzing existing plants/trees, analyzing grade, slope, and drainage, etc)
  3. Designing the project on paper/electronically
  4. Estimating cost of materials and plants
  5. Getting bids from subcontractors
  6. Estimating the time necessary to complete the project

Typically, refinements and ideas change throughout this process. We include as many refinements and changes as necessary to ensure you get the yard of your dreams.

Phase 3 – Agreement And Scheduling

Once we’re aligned on the final project, agreements are signed, you deposit the down payment, and your project is calendared. During peak season (Months of April, May and September, October), it can take up to two-four weeks for construction to begin. If your project changes after you have signed the agreement, the agreement and payments will be adjusted as necessary and new “change orders” will be issued for approval.

Phase 4 – Construction

One Week Before Construction we will call and confirm the dates on our schedule. If there is a delay due to weather, vendor inventory, or other factors, we’ll be sure to discuss and reset expectations. Our construction crews will never abandon someone else’s project to start yours and will never disappear from your project to go work on another. While our average landscaping projects can be built in just a couple weeks, complex projects can take a few months or more (depending on the size/complexity, weather, etc.)

Phase 5 – Final Walk Through

The day your project is complete, we will schedule a guided tour of your new landscape and teach you about how you should care for it. If you have questions after your installation is complete, just call and we’ll happily answer them.

Ready to take the next step?

Share your vision with one of our designers in a complementary vision exploration meeting.

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