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Residential Lawn Care

Lawn Service Throughout Central Oregon

Our Bend, Oregon lawn care and landscape maintenance packages are a seasonal contract billed on a time and materials basis of $85 per man hour (We can cap the amount of time spent per week). (depending on lot size) and typically run from March to the end of November (weather permitting). Since 2005, we’ve provided lawn care and landscape maintenance for hundreds of homes located throughout Bend, Redmond, Sisters and Tumalo. We only offer one (the best) weekly lawn & landscape maintenance service to ensure your home stays looking it’s best. 

Lawn Care Service At It’s Finest

Broken top, Awbrey Butte, NorthWest Crossing – all communities that expect the best! On any given Sunday (but in reality only on weekdays) our trucks are seen, not only in these neighborhoods but throughout Central Oregon where people really care about their yard (but would rather spend the time taking Jr. to the lake).

We offer ONE, all inclusive, weekly lawn service. Why? It’s simple. We want results. We want your yard to look so manicured that Sally next door calls us to do her nails (and you know how particular she is about her nails). Our lawn service includes:

  1. Weekly Mowing
  2. Weekly hardscape blowing (patios, walkways, small driveways, decks, etc.)
  3. Weekly trash & debris removal (light, i.e. cans, bottles, etc.)
  4. Weekly sprinkler system monitoring
  5. Bi-weekly Edging
  6. Bi-weekly pruning (trees, shrubs, hedges, etc.)
  7. Pre /Post emergent weed control
  8. Seasonal plant fertilization
  9. Three seasonal lawn fertilizations

Why We Only Offer Weekly Lawn Service

Three words: Standard of Quality.

We simply cannot be proud of the way your yard looks if we come out every two or three or four weeks. Grass and weeds grow too fast in the summer. At the end of the day (no pun intended), we would rather work with customers that want the best for their yards and homes. That is our philosophy. That attitude has helped us thrive since 2005.

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