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Spinkler System Activation

Spring Sprinkler System Activations

April marks the beginning of the watering season here in Central Oregon. At the beginning of each season, it is always wise to inspect, flush, and optimize your sprinkler system to ensure it is ready to perform at it’s best. We will send one of our certified Irrigation Technicians to analyze and activate your sprinkler system. Your irrigation system will be completely flushed, optimized, and adjusted: your backflow turned on, timer(s) adjusted, and each sprinkler head inspected. Additionally, we will check your sprinkler system for breaks and leaks. Rest assured that when we have completed the process, you will have a finely tuned machine – optimized for water conservation, coverage, and lawn health.

Sprinkler System Activation Cost

To activate a standard home or small commercial sprinkler system in Bend, Oregon (with four zones), the whole process takes nearly an hour and costs $70. Each additional hour thereafter is $105/ technition hour.

If you want to schedule the service every season, get placed on our annual Sprinkler System Activation list. Just contact us and we will make you a regular.

Activate your sprinkler system

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