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Sprinkler Blowout Service – Central Oregon

Sprinkler Winterizing Service Explained

Winterizing your sprinkler system is a must in Central Oregon. With the different sprinkler system setups, piping and air pressures, etc., we suggest letting a professional help. We take the time to ensure the system is fully winterized. This includes:

  1. Investigating the type of system, number of zones, drain and zone valves, water mains, etc.
  2. Calibrating the machinery for your sprinkler system
  3. Blowing out the sprinkler system
  4. Shutting off your main backflow to minimize damage to the city sewer systems and water lines (required by law)

Further details on the sprinkler winterizing service:

  1. Our equipment handles residential and commercial venues of any size.
  2. For residential jobs – we don’t need to get into your garage.  We can do everything outside your home as we turn off your water supply (as stipulated by the law) via your water main.
  3. Blowouts start the first week in October and run through Thanksgiving. We fill up FAST. So get your name on the annual list or schedule your blowout early.
  4. We don’t make an appointment to come to your home for the blowout. Given the elevation changes across Central Oregon, we start in Sunriver and work North to Redmond. This allows us to maximize the number of blowouts we can complete in the season.
  5. When we complete the service, we leave a door hanger on your door letting you know service has been completed.

Sprinkler Blowout Cost

The typical Bend sprinkler system (four zones) costs $70 to blow out and winterize. For each additional zone it costs $5.

When to Winterize your Sprinkler System

We suggest winterizing your sprinkler system no later than December 1st in Bend, Oregon and here is why… According to the Bureau of the Interior, the average low temperature for Bend starts dropping below freezing in September (see the chart below).  However the daily average (mean) temp stays above freezing until November. In other words, the potential for freezing ground starts in September (though not likely given the daily avg temp) and as the daily avg temperature drops, the probability of ground freeze increases. Given your sprinkler heads are at ground level, you obviously want to remove any water before freezing if you want to avoid broken sprinkler equipment and costly repairs next year. If you play the averages, your best bet to avoid freezing ground seems to be October through about November 15.

Now, given the elevation change throughout Central Oregon from 2,200 feet in Madras to 4,200 feet in La Pine, the date the ground freezes will fluctuate slightly. Just be sure no water is left in your sprinkler system by the time the ground starts to freeze.

Schedule Your Sprinkler Blowout Now

We fill up quickly. Request your blowout early. You can also request to be on the annual list.

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