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Brokentop Xeriscape

Project Overview

Description: Complete Landscaping Renovation
Cost: $75,000 – $100,000
Time to Build: 6 Weeks
Neighborhood: Brokentop
Date: 2016

Project Details

The client, a very talented painter, is inspired by landscapes of chaos. This lead to the concept behind the design: order versus chaos or man versus nature.

  • Removed Lawn: removed the large turf area in the back of this Brokentop residence and replaced the existing lawn with usable patio space.
  • Removed Sprinkler System: all irrigation in the backyard was removed and retrofitted with a low water drip irrigation system.
  • Built a Flagstone Patio: the flagstone patio is a 2″ mahogany flagstone with a Xtreme Poly to fill the joints.
  • Removed the Water feature: the existing water feature was decommissioned and turned into a fire feature within the patio. We plumbed a 3/4″ fusion gas line with a simple valve so the owners had the ability to have a large flame fire feature or smaller flames depending on preference.
  • Created a Privacy Barrier: we added some berms and trees to create privacy and lots of perennials for seasonal color.
  • Built an Outdoor Kitchen: we also built an outdoor kitchen on the back patio.

Project Photos

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