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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler System Repair Specialists

Since 2005, we’ve repaired, renovated, and installed over 3,100 sprinkler systems throughout Central Oregon. If you’re having a problem with your sprinkler system, one of our full-time irrigation specialists can come out today and take a look.

Sprinkler System & Sprinkler Head Repair

We employ multiple fully licensed irrigation technicians to handle all sprinkler system repairs and offer 24hr emergency service at no extra cost. Consultations are always free. To repair your sprinkler system, we charge $105/ man hour (one hour minimum) plus materials.


If you think you are having a sprinkler system or irrigation emergency, please call immediately. Even the smallest water leaks can cost several thousand dollars and do serious damage to your property.


While we can usually service your irrigation system the same day, during certain times of the year we can get backed-up.  April-May and November-October are our heavy irrigation seasons.

Back-Flow Testing

Your backflow is the gateway to water and the beginning of your sprinkler system. The backflow prevents contaminants from flowing back into your potable (drinkable) water system. The City of Bend requires all residents to have their backflow inspected annually. One of our certified technicians can test your backflow and unlike other competitors, shoulder the burden of filing the necessary paperwork with the City of Bend. The backflow testing service is $70.

Get Your Sprinkler System Repaired or backflow tested

We will send someone out today if possible

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